Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31) [Intel] (USB Flash Drive To Install)

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  1. rimon says:

    Hi Sadeem pc
    I have a laptop Sony vaio cpu intel core i5 2.4 ghz
    Graphics card Intel 2gb and amd 512Mb
    4 gb ram
    ditrex 11
    windows 10 installed…
    will this file work for my laptop
    can you please direct me

  2. syed hamza says:

    what is the password for admin please ?

  3. Albasoft says:

    hallo, ich wollte mal fragen gibt es eine möglichkeit den El Capitan ohne USB zu Starten. oder muss der usb immer an PC angesteckt bleiben ? danke für ihre verständnis

    Hello, I wanted to ask times there is a possibility the El Capitan without USB to start. Or must the usb always be connected to PC? thank you for your understanding
    pleas tellmi back

  4. Dhananjay says:

    Sir can I run on computer running Windows 10

  5. AlpaZerg says:

    works like charm for me here in nigeria. 13th jan. 2016 on my Vmware pro12.
    Language was Russian but i changed to english
    admin password was “123”

    Thank you so much as i can now develop IOS apps on my windows PC

  6. SadeemPC says:

    Check Video at The End. Already Provided Method

  7. George Robert says:

    What is the md5sum or sha1sum of 10116usb.rdr file?
    I’m afraid my downloaded image is corrupt.

  8. Sokleang Koy says:

    Hello bro, I found that all those 7 parts are the same. Do we need to download all parts?

  9. Can i install El Capitan on this configuration?

  10. I think the link has been expired on my PC the Captcha is not appearing what to do now Please Help.

  11. Ahmed says:

    Hi Sir, I have AMD fx-8350 with 8gb RAM, 2gb NVIDIA GPU, and 2TB HDD, My question is can i install Mac OS X EL in AMD processor?????

  12. Ahtisham Afzal says:

    I cant believe you are from Pakistan, Jeetay Raho! Long Live Pakistan

  13. SadeemPC says:

    Download Boot Secter Installer

  14. AbdulMajeed says:

    From where i get the Boot Installer Software from which you have restore the MBR. From its offical site i had got only standalone setup not that files.Actually i haven’t download the iso from you site i had download it from the g*******om which refer to your website so kindly send me the link of BOOTICE

  15. Sokleang Koy says:

    I have laptop Acer V3-471, 4GB RAM, 500 HDD, Intel Core-i3, Intel 4000 HD. Can I install Mac OS X El Capitan?

  16. Denis says:

    Sorry for my English. I’ve all the requirements and a disk in got format but when I choose”boot mac os x from install 10.11.6″ the display shows many words (commands I suppose) and then the monitor switch off but the pc still works. What can I do? Thank you in advance.

  17. vijay says:

    it is necessary to format whole hard disk

  18. Yamill Deville says:

    can i install this on my macbook pro?

  19. Abdulhadi says:

    how i can change the setup language its look like Russian

  20. oger says:

    do you have installer for amd?

  21. ANIMESH JAIN says:

    Hi I downloaded your Os x EI CAPTIAN for vmware with unlocker.
    The mac os is asking for system password tgat i don’t have.
    Please help me…

    • SadeemPC says:

      Dear Three Times Password Typed In Description With Red Color.
      Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 (15G31) (Image for VMware) Password Is:

  22. Mr.NKC says:

    Do I have to fully format my PC to install this OS

  23. Wasif Meraj says:

    Thank you so much for the quick response bro 🙂

  24. Wasif Meraj says:

    Bro i have one question can using mac ox and windows 10 in dual boot? I am using windows 10 pro so i have just install mac ox in other drive and using dual windows please tell me i am waiting sorry for my bad English. My system specs is.
    Mother Board :Intel DH67CL
    Processor :Intel Core i3
    Ram :8 GB
    Hard Drive :3TB
    Graphic Card :2 gb DDR5 750ti OC Edition

  25. Mr.NKC says:

    I Also Want To Know that If I have to format my whole PC for Installing it or I can dual boot it with windows 10????
    Plzzz reply fast and as soon as possible

  26. Dibyadarshan Pati says:

    Please ADMIN, I BEG YOUR HELP! When I try to boot from USB, a message comes that “MODE NOT SUPPORTED”. I guarantee that nothing is wrong with my BIOS, neither it is too old, it is just 4 years old.. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS THAT MY MONITOR IS A WIDESCREEN with RATIO 16.10

  27. Ali Sahriar says:

    bro at the boot screen language shows russian why i need english dude tell me how to change bro please…

  28. Mr.NKC says:

    will it work on a system with dual core processor 3 GHz and 2 GB RAM????

  29. Ali Sahriar says:

    am i need to restore mbr on gpt disk reply please bro..

  30. Ali Sahriar says:

    can i install it on gpt disk?

  31. pavan says:

    Hello Sir, i have New skylake Pc But i knew the thing that Windows 7 is not working (its only run in windows10) i tried to installed it’s but no usb ports working,Mouse and keyboard is very slow to move,please help me to this i need Windows 7 on my system please help me.

  32. Dibyadarshan Pati says:

    You man can make my dream come true! Please say if I can install and use MAC OS X on my PC..

    CPU – Intel(R) Core(TM) i3 CPU 530 @ 2.93GHz, 2926 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) [Fully 64-bit]
    mother board – DH55TC__
    Ram- 4 GB
    GPU- No external Graphics card. Just integrated 64MB video RAM…

    • SadeemPC says:

      Yes. You Can Install

      System requirements:
      64-bit, Intel, at least 2 GB of memory
      8 GB of free disk space

      • Dibyadarshan Pati says:

        I am downloading it now. If I succedd installing MAC OS on PC, and get it usable, I will remain thakful to you forever. You would be my dream man who will make my dream of using MAC OS come true… 😮 😉

  33. M Haseeb says:

    Can you please tell me that will it work on INTEL Core 2 Duo 32-Bit Pc.If no,kindly tell me the method to install.if any.

  34. Kostas Daniil says:

    Hi, Can I install it on my pc with Intel dual core i3 2330 with 4GB ram?
    Thanks you in advance!!

  35. Usman Raheem says:

    please send me link for boot secter installer….which you use in video tutorials……please

  36. Ashish Sharma says:

    Will it work on skylake intel processor? I hunted a lot but not able to get any one booted successfully. Always got kernel panic error.

    • SadeemPC says:

      System requirements:
      64-bit, Intel, at least 2 GB of memory
      8 GB of free disk space

      Please First Watch Above Video Tutorial Complete Then See Result

  37. Omer says:

    What is the password/decrypt key for
    Can I install it on my pc with Intel Core 2 duo E7500 with 4GB ram?

  38. suba says:

    Can you send install procedure from usb to pc

  39. SAQIB says:

    i have a intel quad core wid g using windows in can i install this mac in my pc
    CPU – core 2 quad q8600 2.66 ghz
    mother board – zeb G31
    ram 4 GB
    GPU – GTX 750TI
    can i install mc os x using flash draive

  40. Sayantan Chandra says:

    Can we update this to the latest mac os x sierra?

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